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Long time lurker. To be clear, I have not yet made the deal or brought home my either silver or white Accent GL. My soon-to-be-former daily driver is a '94 Ford Ranger which I have had since new and adore. Alas, even in Texas my Ranger is returning to the Earth from which it was mined. I intend to have at least as long of a relationship with my Accent.

I don't think I'm in the Accent demographic, being 42 and living in the middle of town. I cannot find (and I'm looking) a single reason not to pick one. My other choices were the similarly low-priced Nissan Versa and a brief flirtation with the Smart. Heck, I actually like the guys at my local Smart Center, but I just can't live with that transmission. The Accent feels so much more solid and has a bit of character, unlike the Smart which feels like character was attached to a mobility appliance. The Nissan guys don't really sell or order the base Versa, so its out of the running. Besides, I'd rather have Hyundai's reliability over that of a Mexican Renault.

and the Accent's price ain't bad either.

I am not likely to dramatically modify the car in anyway. No turbos or fancy exhaust for this hillbilly. Although the Youtube videos of a Flowmaster behind the G4ED create a bit of temptation, even if there is no practical benefit. Among the things I want, aside from mudguards and the B&M short shifter, include aftermarket seat covers (thinking about Wet Okole, but the price is a bit steep), Weathertech floor liners and a dash cover right off the bat to protect from unrelenting desert sun. Can I get the short shifter on a GL? I think I remember reading the Blue, etc. would not take the short shifter. I fear I must become the fellow at the apartment complex whose car gets covered. I shall require locking gas cap, my sole concession to urban paranoia. Does the GL in fact have speakers and antenna wired up and ready to go? I must be missing that paragraph. About gauges: I like to have all kinds of data right there in front of me. I'm seriously considering simply installing a Scangauge II but where does it go? Over or under the single-DIN radio? and if so exactly how? All of this DIN stuff may as well be new to the old man who hasn't fiddled around with any of this in a very long time. How does one find a radio that doesn't look like a poorly made prop from a Sci-Fi movie?

I shall be prowling the forums seeking sage advice on these very issues.

Since I'm so very new to the Hyundai family, does anyone have any opinions about my potential dealership, South Point Hyundai in Austin from whom I have suspiciously good vibes?

or is that just too many questions for an intro? See you inside.
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