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if anyone can point me in the right direction for a complete wiring diagram that would be greatly appreciated

The wiring diagram book is a 100 plus pages. May want to narrow it down to a specific system or subsystem.

Best practices for requesting help:

* If you haven't done so fill in your vehicle info and profile page. Shows up to the left
* Be sure you are in the correct forum for your vehicle.
* Do a search for your problem. A lot of stuff has been asked and answered.
* Do not double post for the same problem.
* Give the model year....Engine size...transmission type (auto or standard)
* VIN number can be very helpful.
* Did you buy the vehicle new, if not, how many miles were on it when purchased? How many miles on it now?
* Describe the problem the best you can.
* Tell us what has been tried, if anything.
* If the vehicle has been to a repair facility it would be nice if you can scan or take picture of the bill and attach it to the post.
* If your vehicle is under warranty you should have the dealer check it out. If it's an issue they see many times they will generate a safety recall or do a TSB. This is how they know.

This information can save a lot of time and get you the answers you need much faster.

Welcome aboard.

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thanks for the info i posted in sonata yf and see how far i get. so far there is a lot of great info and links on here im digging this place
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