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Well, I finally had to part ways with my 2006 Dodge Charger RT (Brilliant Black). She had a good 8 years of life until finally being laid to rest (traded in) last Monday. I started having to many issues and the fact that my gas mileage was only about 12MPG I was kind of over it.

Just got a black on black Turbo Sonata and so far I love it. My gas mileage is now about 22 MPG (I drive up and down ALOT of hills to get to work) which is a HUGE improvement from what I had with the big V8!!!

I look forward to learning from everyone on this forum...I was previously a member of a few Charger Forums and found a lot of useful information.

My first plans for the car...

Tint the windows (my charger had 5% all around)
Remove the Sonata, Limited, & 2.0T badges
Color Match or Plasti Dip the "H" on the grill and trunk

I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone!

As soon as I get the chance (and a good car wash) I will post pics of my new ride!!!

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