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I rotate my tires which in my experience gives me maximum mileage. That said, I agree with some other responders that leaving your car in the hands of the "fresh-out-of-tech-school" kid mechanic is risky. I take my car in, or turn it over to outsiders the least number of times I have to.

However, I doubt that any amount of rotation would have saved your tires. 20,000 miles??? Something else is going on. You've got a bad alignment, weak struts, or something out-of-whack.

Regarding your tires, my 30 years of driving experience has taught me get what you pay for! If your car is nice, and/or you travel a lot, I'd go for a brand-name tire. For my beater, I buy the cheapest tire I can find.

I also ride motorcycles, and you REALLY notice the difference between the cheap tires and the expensive tires. The better tires handle better, stick to the road in corners better, and are way better in the rain.
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