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I didn't rotate because someone said that I would then need 4 tires fast. It looks like the thread is wearing evenly but not much left. Don't need an alignment or any thing like that. Don't know how to calculate the tread depth.
Your original tires were expensive Michelin Energy MXV4, which are not rated too highly, but should have lasted a good 40k or more. Rotation helps a lot.

You can gauge tire wear by the little wear nubs embedded in the groves of your tire. When you get down to the nubs, it's time to change your tire.

Tire Rack says the best reviewed tire is the Michelin Primacy MXV4, which cost less than the Energy but have better performance.

The tire I would probably buy is the Kumho Ecsta Platinum, which are a good balance of price and performance at $84 a pop at Tire Rack. They have a high wear rating and get good reviews. Take them to Walmart for mounting with lifetime rotation and balance for $60. Total cost is under $500.
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