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I agree with Klute. Switching two tires is generally not recommended. Although the risks are minimal, you want all four corners to behave the same way. The different tire characteristics reveal themselves mostly at the car's limits, such as high speed turns, emergency braking, driving in snow, driving in rain, etc. The more dissimilar the tires, the greater the chance the car can get unpredictable.

That said, an "H" speed rated tire (up to 130 mph) will probably have a softer sidewall than a "V" speed rated tire (up to 149 mph). That would affect handling. The number "95" and "94" refer to the tire's load rating. The higher the load index, the more weight it can carry. That would affect the car's handling and control when fully loaded. My guess is that you probably wouldn't feel much of a difference.

Look at this:

It's a Tirerack survey. It puts the Michelin Primacy MXV4 ($141/tire) and the General Altimax HP ($83) at the top of the heap in their category. Good luck.
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