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As previously written I also do not know the best advice for you.

We bought a new Getz 1,1 litre 2006. It have run very well. The camshaft sensor was exchanged at warranty. New brake shoes, braking pads and CV joint rubber are tear parts that have been changed during 12 years use and 165 000 km.

One brake tube from the ABS unit was leaking and I changed two brake tubes just in case. Today a little rust are to be seen at both back fenders.

My plan is to use teh Getz for another 8 more years, doing a 20 years use.

As for our second car I bougth three months ago a good looking Opel Astra for 700 euros. That was an mistake. Already spent 250 euro and lot of hours finding and fixing problems. It still need another 250 euro for an original EGR-valve.

So I would put 1000 euros into a clutch change for the Getz.
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