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I went back today to get my free oil change and the guy told me that I should change my gas filter (199 bucks). I asked why and he explained that the gas filter is in the gas tank should be changed every 30K miles. He said that Hyundai installed gas filter in the gas tank for longetivity , average filter should be changed every 3k miles. Than I said why do I need to change it since my gas mileage got better after 50K miles? He said I don't know and then he said if I were you I would not change. It just cost too much money. I agreed and told him that in two months I am going to pick up my Sonata Turbo and I am not worried about superfluous maintainences. He agreed but told me that he was suppose to ask. He also told me that the 60K mileage check up is very expensive (more than 400 bucks). I told him that the car will be sold before then. What gets me is that I can get an oil change any place else for half the price. All I need to do is provide the filters. Last time I got an oil change and tire rotation they did not rotate the tires but charged me an extra 20 bucks. Both my last car, pricey they were since they were BMW and MBZ, oil changes and the other stuff were a lot cheaper or free. Yeah I paid more up front but when I sold them, after the warranties, I still saved money. Also, when I brought my car in for servicing they (BMW, MBZ dealership) did not inspect my car from bumper to bumper looking for the smallest nick thinking I would rip them off. I really do hate when I bring my car in to the Hyundai dealership and when I hand them my keys they inspect my car looking for exterior blemishes that I won't challenge them when I pick up. I almost feel like I am returning a rental car. But the other normal dealerships trust thier customers. I remember my Infiniti, I brought it in for a TSB and the salesmen asked if I knew there was a scratch on my left rim. I said no and he replied that if I wanted they would take car of it at no charge. I told him that it was probably from me and don't worry about it. But when I drop off or pick up my Hyundai I feel like they think I am going to rip them off. I have never experienced anything like that from any other dealership. I guess you get what you pay for. My sister ownes a new Kia Optima and she has never complained about the customer service. In fact, they fixed stuff that she had no idea it needed to be fixed plus they provided her a free car. I complianed twice during the customer post maintanence questionaire and it seems to be a little better. That is probably the biggerst deterrent for buying another Hyundai. Sorry for venting but after four years I thought that the customer service would be better. The reps are friendly but the protocall needs to be fixed. What do you think?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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