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Hello All
I am working on my daughter's '00 Accent, 5 speed with 191XXX Km. It starts and idles OK, but stumbles and bucks and hesitates when trying to accellerate. when it eventually gets up to speed, it runs pretty good at 120K/HR,(70MPH) but stumbles again it if I try to give it more accellerator. When it runs that fast and that well, there must be something fairly simple like a sensor or something else not right. The dealer (who is not very helpful) says that its an old car and shouldn't be expected to work like new. (big help he is) and I feel he just wants to sell her an new car. Any suggestions on where to start? I work on most of my 4 vehicles myself, but know the value of asking for help in places like this to get started.


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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