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Hi There,

I've posted about this vehicle on here in the past but thought I would come back and ask for your opinions on some issues I'm experiencing with my 2016 Elantra L+. Good news? Its still running. Bad news? well, all this..

Major (perhaps?) issues include:

- When cold started and in idle (especially below freezing) my Elantra tends to knock a bit. Very noticeable if revved up to 1.5k rpm. Please note this is with a new short block that is only 10,000km driven. Sound will disappear when fully warmed with only a very very slight residual rattle.

- Under load only while accelerating my Elantra will exhibit a knocking/rattle like sound that is quite quiet but still very noticeable with the radio off. This mild rattle occurs around the 1.5k-3k rpm range. This specific rattle only occurs when temperature reaches 2 stripes on the gauge and will subside shortly after reaching operating temperature. Seems to only really occur in the winter temperatures.

- Under load after accelerating between the 4k-5k rpm range my Elantra will exhibit a metallic scraping noise when foot is taken off gas between 4-5k rpm (sometimes while accelerating), this particular grind will subside after about 25 minutes of operation.

- My Elantra has more guts while below operating temperature. After about 20 minutes of operation power output seems to decline.

- After a 25 minute drive (especially at higher speeds) once I finish the trip my Elantra will exhibit a noticeable burning smell. Smells more electrical/rubberish in nature. Alternator seems to be functioning and distributing power correctly, no warning lights or strange electrical issues aside from a slight pulsating vibration in drivers seat after a long drive which also makes the interior dome light/license plate light flicker rapidly ever so slightly.

About 20 seconds after cold start ignition a strong exhaust smell occurs. Smell comes from back of car (exhaust) and also from the drivers side front. This smell can sometimes enter the cabin as I sit and wait for ice to defrost. Smell will disappear after about 3-5 minutes idling and usually occurs during colder weather. I have also had this issue happen in the summer months during hard starts, which my vehicle also does every once in a while.

- In order to start vehicle without a potential hard start condition
I must turn the key to ON, wait a few seconds, then turn key to start. Failure to do so could result in a stumbling crank, stumbling crank which results in shaky idle, or bad idle that stalls out when foot is pressed to accelerator. Car will never hard start while cold in the morning or after sitting 12+ hrs and will only potentially hard start after sitting for 1-3 hours. Hyundai TSB states immobilizer is failing to recognize key properly and to await the immobilizer indicator light to appear (by switching it to ON) prior to starting engine. What car cant start by simply turning the key to start instead of waiting for the system checks prior to doing so??

Minor issues include:

- Suspension creaking coming from rear of vehicle which usually occurs on uneven pavement

- Rattling/low oil like sound on startup (which I heard is common with the 1.8L)

- Fuel economy is poor (about 240-280km on a tank). Might be due to the short 10 minute commute to and from work or more aggressive driving style but thought it was worth noting.

Any ideas as to what may be going on is appreciated, this vehicle only has 76,000km on the odometer and has had a new short block, new cam phaser assembly including timing tensioner, as well as about 3 engine teardowns as the dealership cant find the source of the problem.

Thank you!
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