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Hi all,

I need some help and hoping to pick your knowledge. I have just bought a 2006 Elantra, it came with two keys and matching immobiliser.

One immobiliser did work and the other was pretty good, but sometimes I would need to push a few times or be close to the car (my thinking is battery).

First I took out the battery from the non working and tested it. At this point I didn't realise I needed to program with key in. I though ok, busted key fob.

I then though I may as well put the new battery in the working fob that was a bit hit or miss. Again I had no idea I needed to program with the key in....

So I open the car..... alarm goes off. I had locked it with the working immobiliser before starting all this.... and so the car is... yes immobilised.

Now I can't get either key programed or the car started...:oops:

Please help! Is there anything that can be done besides calling local Hyundai dealer and paying I would guess a ton of money?

Is there something I'm missing? Is there a trick to having the car start or at be able to program the fob?

Or is the car doing exactly what it was designed to do...

Yes, stupid I know for not reading up on the process first. :cautious:
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