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Redid the front and rear brakes back at the beginning of October on my 2006 and am now chiming in on how they've held up for the last 3 months and about 2,500 miles. I bought the front and rear kit from 1aauto for just over $100 since my car has 4 wheel ABS. Here's the quick lowdown.

1) Obviously cheaper than OEM.

2) Braking performance is not affected. Brakes the same as OE.

3) Fairly low dusting compared to OE

1) Front rotor screw holes don't line up. The rears are fine.

2) The front pads are a really tight fit in the pad holder. Really had to force them in to fit. Yet again, no problems with the rear.

3) They do not have the extra corrosion protection so if your car is not a daily driver, expect some rust on the rotors. It's really not bad for me despite living in Oregon with all the wet weather we have. But it might be an issue if you live in the rust belt areas. Of course I've seen rust on OEM stuff too so eh, it's a small nit-pick.

Again while the braking performance is excellent. I'll probably source something else next time. Mainly because of the front fitment issues. If you are on a budget then by all means go for it. I'll give another update in 3 months.
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