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This is not meant to be an over dramatic post, but entering into the last year of my 5 year warranty and the car's had its 2nd MoT. I received two advisories one for each of the top McPherson strut mounts having play in them. A bit strange for a 55,000 mile car and stranger still given that they were replaced on a service around 26,000 miles...

I've contacted Hyundai customer services as I don't want to have to replace them again in another 25,000 miles. It doesn't sound right to me that a safety critical component should only last 25,000 miles.

Anyway, I thought I'd collate the other the little I've had with the car. It would be interesting to see whether anyone else has had similar issues.

My Car:
i20 59 Plate 1.4 CRDi 5dr (FSH from the same main dealer)

Owned since:
Jan 2010 with 11 miles on the clock

Issues (in no particular order):
1. Heating matrix cracked
2. Radio steering wheel volume control switch broken
3. Respray boot door due to rust under paintwork
4. McPherson strut top mount play - performed at service replacement (mid-2012) (approx 26,000miles)
5. McPherson strut top mount play - identified in MoT Jan 2014 (53,500miles)
6. More recently, the car has been misting up a lot it takes ages to demist even with the aircon on. The car is stored outside so it makes me wonder if the door seals have gone/going.


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