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Hello fellow Hyundai owners! I'm the proud new owner of a 2011 Sonata SE. I just took delivery last night and after 4 test drives and lots of reading / lurking on forums and review boards I decided that I would go ahead and purchase the car. I absolutly love the Venetian Red and so that's the color I purchased, it was a struggle finding that color with the Nav/Sunroof package around my area and the dealer had to exchange Sonatas with another dealer to get mine. After a week of waiting it finally came together and like I said I took delivery last nitght. Its sock as of right now but I plan on a few minor mods but nothing crazy probably window tint and possibly a headlight/fog light upgrade.

I had to get a car that can be used as a family sadan and I've had a lot of fun with my other vehicles but I've come to realize that major mods in the end just cause more problems.

I'm happy to have found this forum and I hope through time I can offer up some advice and help. See ya around -

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