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Hi all.

I am driving XG 30 2001 in Saudi Arabia.

Really it is very nice car... because:

1. it is now 250 000 KMs and the car general condition is very good.
2. I did mainataince on 100 000 Kms and the other on 200 000Kms.
3. everything almost is very good

The bad things are the followings:

1. Very bad dealers in saudi Arabia..
2. too expensive parts(I think also because of the dealers)
3. plastics inside the car are not suitable for the very HOT environments (40 degrees most of the year).

4. too many chips and electrical systems that need a hi Scan Pro device to examine and to take care of your car...

Any way...I change the engine oil and filter every 5 000 Kms.
and also check all the fluids every month...


After all this...I think a car with such experince is very good and really you will enjoy driving that car...

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