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I have 2013 Hyundai Azera and I installed a smart alarm system and a dash cam. I always put these two things first after buy a car, then my car is armed ;)
Those two components installation wasn't that hard and was quite straightforward. I took a bit of time to finish the wirings to look as like a factory wires. And outcome was fantastic.
I love the new functions of my Azera with original key
  • Remote start
  • Hazard lights flashing when reversing
  • Auto lock function, 10 seconds after door closed
  • Auto low voltage start function
  • After running function (1 or 2 minutes)
  • Door lock and open function while engine is running
  • Keyless entry without key, using passcode with driver side door handle toggle sw
and one bad thing is that I noticed, my car doesn't have a puddle lamp on the side mirror so one function doesn't work. Which is auto door lock open function when the key is around. which is a shame, but still happy with other functions ;)

And the dashcam is running always, whether parking or driving. Unless battery voltage is not drop to 12v. And when It detect low voltage it will shut down it self. Very smart :unsure:

Here are some photos....

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