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I find a small car is a magnet for aggression from other drivers. I don't know if it is also a magnet for collision with distracted drivers, as compared to a larger car; but I have been hit like you were at a red light (sitting there motionless for about 2 minutes already, at least 150 yds clear visibility behind me) and my mother's Accent was totaled in a t-bone collision at an intersection by a teenager blowing thru a red light. It's discouraging. Also discouraging: no more Hyundai Accent hatchbacks in N. America, no Mazda 2s, and the party is likewise over for Ford Fiestas. Apparently Americans just refuse to buy small, fuel efficient cars, and further demonstrate their anti-compact animus by ramming them on the road when they see them. I hope the price of gas goes to the F*ing Moon.
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