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I had a 2017 Sonata SE which was a very comfortable driving car but had no bells and whistles ( The 18 SE has much more then the 17 with more safety features and L.E.D driving lights ) but anyways I feel like my 18 drives and handles so much better then my 2017 did. I Like how they changed the dashboard, while it was very small simple changes, those changes really add up like how the single vent on the driver side is aligned in the center now and not lower then the line of the dash, I like the way the vents and the radio also line up better in the center vs being lower down from the dash line. It just makes the same dash design look so much more thought out. I know exterior style is more subjective but I at first didn't like the 18 exterior but the more I saw it the more it grew on me, I really do love the grille honeycomb look ( not as crazy about the straight line look , rather then have the older 15-17 grille shape then ) it just sets it off. I always have brought base model cars to save on money but this time I brought the 2.4 sport model with leather interior and sunroof, when I add up all the changes I just have to say I love the 2018 Sonata.

Even the seats seem much more comfortable then the 2017, The 18 seats are on par with seats I had in a used 2000 Volvo V70 cross country which were the best seats I had ever set in , these 18 seats are right up there with those seats.

The driving and handling is worlds better then in my 2017 SE and I am not sure if that difference I feel is because it is a sport model vs the base model I used to own or if Hyundai made changes to the 18 that reflex the driving and handling that but I love how it drives and handles no matter the reason why.

I love the look of it inside and outside, there is not one thing I would change about this car, well other then, I think it could use more HP for the 2.4 like say 220 HP for passing, I do think it is a little sluggish in taking off in that way but it has good power for the highway crusing and the every day and city stop and go, I guess I just like a little more power but other then that OMG I love this car so much.

I trade in a lot of car because I get bored with them or I start to notice things with in a few weeks of ownership that I dislike but with my 18 I am just blown away by it, This could be a car I keep longer then 1 or 2 years. I really love this car so much..

To me this is my poor man's BMW
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