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My 2006 Tucson Dies When Backing Up.

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We have a 2006 Tucson. When we back up it just dies. I have notice at high speeds it seems fine. On start up it idles hard. When trying to pass on the highway it seems to hesitate then it kicks in. There is no check engine light and we had the same issue two months ago and the dealership did a engine flush. It seemed to help until now. I am thinking there is more that needs to be done. Can anyone help??
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You had an engine flush done? Did the dealer recommend it? Hyundai MC has a service bulletin about NOT recommending engine flushes.

Sounds like your car is still under warranty. Is it?

Has the stinky smell of dealer sabotage.
The injectors were flushed by the dealership. Not under warranty any longer. I was told it might be the crankshaft posittion sensor. I am having a very hard time locating the sensor. No manuals are avaible. I like to give this a try before sending it back to the garage. Any help?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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