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These are the things I have done to my car by myself

Ball joints
Steering linkage
Drive axles
Wheel bearing
Suspension bushings
Drive belt
Idler pulley
Transmission fluid
Steering fluid
Brake lines

My car has 170k miles and she runs like a dream, quiet and almost, if not the same, as good as a new car. The subframe was replaced by the dealer not too long ago under recall. Its an amazingly reliable car and easy to work on. The only concern I have is rust. My rear bumper shows gaps because it is rusting from the inside out. If the car holds up I will be driving her for a long long time. Not to say that I am immune to the new car bug. I have been eyeing a new Sonata for quite sometime now but haven't pull the trigger yet bc my Sonata is still running so well. Also the issues with the newer Sonatas engine concern me (first the metal shavings and now the carbon build up). So it looks like I will continue to drive my beloved 2002 Sonata for quite sometime yet. Cheers.
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