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97 Posts not trying to poo-poo on anyones parade i agree the car DEFINITELY feels better with eco off but...... i posted this on the dislikes thread.....

Yes i noticed the difference as well and so i wondered about the fuel econ is very noticable. I drive a 100 mile round trip commute daily. I did 2 tanks with eco on and averaged 36.8 mpg at an average if 65-70mph. This was roughly 3 trips to and from for each tank. Then i turned the eco off and did the same thing...2 tanks commuting to and from work....guess what...34.4mpg. I believe the eco mode does the same in the manual as the auto...reduces throttle response and cuts horsepower between 7-10%. I do agree the car feels better and is less gutless with eco off but im usually trying to hyper-mileage my car so i leave it on. I have my miata for fun driving as it get horrible mileage no matter how i drive it!!

Just thought i would re-post this here too.
1 - 1 of 155 Posts
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