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Modding my Getz

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Hi, I recently inherited a 2005 Getz GSI 1.1 3 door and I'm looking to improve it in ways that won't cost much but will seriously improve its performance, especially so I can throw it around more!
I'm quite inexperienced when it comes to cars so I apologise for my naivety!

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Im non the wiser for performance parts but you got no replies so start with a cold air intake wont be much on all round speed but it should take off/respond a lot better + easy to install. Im looking at doing the same for my 1.6ltb and theres buggar all room to work with :/
Lol bro forget it. both of you.

1.1L I would take out and drop one of the Beta 140HP stock 2L engines straight in (minus relocating an engine mount). Otherwise $1000 (or much less depending on your mechanical and fabrication skills) will get you everything you need for a turbo. But the turbo applies only to the G4ED 1.6L and giving it up to 140-150HP (40 more hp than stock). More - youll need to replace stuff and if youre gonna replace stuff id replace the engine with the 2L and turbo THAT for 300HP. Again, between $1-3000 depending on skills. Put a motorbike turbo on your 1.1L and low boost you might get as fast as a 1.6L getz

You just have to accept the fact its a 1.1L getz tbh
Wider wheels (better tires), coil overs (stiffer suspension/lower) pod filter/cold air intake will need a tune. Not a whole lot you can do without spending serious money like a turbo and that

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