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You driving 2500+ miles per month? That's a pretty healthy commute.
Includes other trips of course, but yeah, long commute. Mostly highway so less wear and tear on brakes, transmission, etc.

2017 Sonata Sport 2.0T
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2017 Sport 2.0T purchased new May 2017 (3 years 5 months old this month), avg daily commute 135 miles RT - 5 days a week 85% freeway 65-85 mph. Spirited driving most of the time in "sport" mode and manual or using the paddles to shift, rpm greater than 4,000-6,000 for acceleration shift points.

Using Hyundai Filters and Mobil 1 5-30 OCI every 5,000 miles

Maintenance / Repairs
First 1000 miles oil and filter change, Mobil 1 5-30 and Hyundai Oil Filter
OCI 5,000 miles Oil / Filter changed with Mobil 1 and Hyundai Oil Filter, tires rotated
Air and Cabin Filters changed every 15,000 miles (every 3rd service)
20,000 replaced grille due to road debris damage
35,000 Alignment done - lf front out of spec
44,000 Transmission fluid changed - complete flush with Hyundai Fluid
Spark Plugs (NGK) changed at 44,000 miles
48,000 (12/22/18) Replaced front bumper cover and grille due to chunk of steel on freeway thrown up by the car in front and broke grille and tore bumper cover. Pre painted Bumper Cover aftermarket and M&S Grille
50,000 Sumitomo HTR P2 All Season 245-45-18 tires replaced the OEM KUMOs, Alignment Courtesy Check by Dealer - within specs
55,000 Brake Pads replaced with EBC Green Stuff Pads (nothing done to rotors)
60,000 Coolant Service (953 recall performed).
65,000 during routine oil and filter change I noticed the undercover had pulled away from 2 of the 10mm bolts and was loose. Replaced all bolts using "fender' washers to give more surface area to hold the cover up under the car.
72,000 Replaced EBC Green Brake pads with Powerstop Z23 carbon fiber ceramic. rotors still in speck and no hot spots so they were left alone. Car stops better than OEM
75,000 installed AEM Strut bar. purchased off Ebay NIB from private seller $ 50.00 plus shipping. Easy install, looks good but honestly I dont feel any difference in handling, response etc. Shocks still feel good and no leakage. I may replace them soon with ARK lowering springs 1" and Truhart Shocks. Replaced Low beams with PIAA Xtreme 9005 bulbs, tried Beamtech and Hikari that were a match in color for the DRL but did not throw enough light IMO so went back to halogen with the PIAA in low beam and I had already replaced the High Beams with Sylvania.
80,000 mile service did Techron in the tank and a CRC GDI Intake Cleaner. LED interior, trunk and hood lights added. EBay LED kit for Sonata 11 bulbs for $ 10.40 they are currently all working and add a very white light.
85,210 Cabin and air filter changed, tire rotation, brake check. took into dealer for free mulitpoint inspection including check alignment (OK)
90,010 CRC GDI intake cleaner , BG 44k in the tank.
95,201 CRC GDI intake cleaner, new spark plugs NGK OEM, Truhart Sport Shocks and Struts with God speed 1" lowering springs installed between the 95,010 and 95201 service, alignment checked and within specs.
97,000 changed both belts - serpentine and water pump stretch belt using OEM. Transmission Fluid flush with OEM Fluid
98,400 Brake Fluid Change (improvement in brake pedal feels more firm), oil and filter, cabin filter, rotation. 2 nd set of Sumitomo HTR P2 245/45/18 tires, got about 48,000 miles out of them and they still had 2/32 left but my tire guy had a great price on them again and said the prices would probably go up soon so I replaced them. Ive been very happy with them, quiet, great traction and considering my driving style and mileage they held up well. Powerstop slotted and drilled front rotors with the Z23 pads and R1 rear slotted and drilled rear rotors with Powerstop Z23 pads. Changed head light bulbs to Auxito LED 12,000 lu from Amazon $ 39 for 2 or $ 69 for 4. Good overall light, longer beam than the PIAA Halogens I was using and white that matches the DRL
101,270 OCI, multipoint check
106,985 OCI Tire rotation
107,000 new windshield due to rock chip that ended up cracking all across the windshield. Local company replaced $ 190
109,100 was rear ended in rt rear on freeway. Damage - replace rear bumper, pull rt rear quarter, inner fender paint and match, refinish rt rear wheel, fender molding $ 5,800 damage paid by other drivers Ins. Car looks great, 4 wheel alinement checked and in spec by body shop. Had a 2020 VW GLI loaner for 5 days fun car with great transmission and surprisingly great driver position for a tall driver.
110,105 CRC GDI Cleaner, BG BG 44K, Replaced spark plugs with Bosch Iridium 9625 from Rock Auto @ $ 7.61 ea gapped at 0.30. Added a Fumoto F106S oil drain valve. Cabin and Air Filters changed.
114,475 Coolant change, oil / filter still using Mobil 1 5w-30w. Tire rotation. Brake pads and hoses, coolant hoses all look good. Tried a "Pedal Commander" for kicks for 1 day to and from work 130 miles as expected all it did was send increased signal so if you push the pedal 20% the reaction is increased for example to 30% or 40% depending on what mode you select. IMO not worth the $ 275, just step on the accelerator faster and get the same basic response. Also with the transmission lag unless you are manually shifting there is still a delay. I returned it for full refund and am strongly considering trying a JB 4 piggy back tuner. Ive used these type of tuners for years on my Harleys before being able to get true self tuners (PowerVision) that allow self tuning without a dyno or MAP changes. I like the JB 4 over the Uncle Lap 3 Chip because the JB 4 does not just alter the signal from MAP sensor to alter boost and fuel based on a set program it also splices into the O2 sensor to read pre cat AFR and plugs into the OBD 2 port to read temps, timing, knock and more before making adjustments and off the app on your phone you can monitor real time performance , codes and clear codes. Unplugs and leaves no trace on the ECM. At $ 479 it is also a couple hundred less than the Uncle or RaceChip (RaceChip only has one for the Optima 2.0T but it seems to work on the Sonata 2.0T since they are the same).

No oil consumption, no problems. Drives / rides better than day 1, IMO the suspension and brakes were an improvement over stock.
5 TSB performed - Alternator Bolt, Inhibitor Switch, ECM Update, 953 Recall
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