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Something like that would be fun but that's one heck of a trip all the way from Florida and way to short noticed sadly. Stuff like this you usually want to plan almost a year in advance and with some sort of mid-point meeting place for all owners to gather up in. Also try to talk with Hyundai's consumer relations department and other local companies in the area you plan to host it in. If you can get enough people involved Hyundai might actually support something like that and possibly supply you with banners, online support to help plan the event etc.....Hyundai's really big on pushing their product in the US market right now and an event well enough organized might just get their attention.

They will definitely wanna see a well thought out event, some sort of nice long driving route planned out that brings owners through areas that would showcase their cars (stops along the routes where non-owners can see Hyundai's vehicle line-up), you might even get Hyundai to bring out some of their concept vehicles providing the event is showing promise. Getting local radio/TV station involvement is also something to try and plan for.

Just my 2 of luck and if anyone else has thoughts of a good central location for all owners to meet up at during a time of the year where it would be best weather wise, add some feedback here so we might be able to get something planned out. I'm in Florida and would travel as far as 1500'ish miles for a very well thought out event with lots of planned activities. It would be a great way to stretch out my Genny's legs and show off what I have done with her :grin:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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