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I got my Elantra GT Feb 2018
First thing I noticed was no CD player. Being tech savvy, I purchased
a Seagate 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0.
Then I copied all of my music to the hard drive.

My music was organized by artist, then albums then song.

After couple days of using the media player I learn it has a Folder limitation
It can only see 26 directories

Whim over coded the media player used the wrong size for the indexing, instead of a byte it should be a word. then you could have up to 32000 directories -- very disappointing! :frown:

I've also noticed that the media player seems to have random issues with loading the external media.
It tries to search for file on my phone through Blood tooth, before it even looks at the plugged in external drive. If the drive stays plugged in there should be no question on finding those files. very disappointing! :frown:
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