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OK I need help apparently our trajet will not throw error codes for our mechanic?

We have a 2000 Trajet V6 AUTO we have purchased due to our inability to find anything on television we like and as such creating an abundance of children requiring transport.

This car has been great for 5mths not overly powerful ever but got us to our destinations dry and safe. This is until the other day.....

All of a sudden after a 15 minute trip the car refused to idol in gear, stalling out each time the car was stationary and in gear. Thinking it was bad fuel from our local fuel station we ensured that the car had a good amount of fuel of a quality type from a newer garage but to no avail.

The problem in reverse is constant from a cold start the motor seems to stall out as soon as you put it in gear. In forward the car seems to get worse with initial takeoff being fine but after a little driving once you stop at any lights or corners it stalls unless you put it in neutral.

Now I can do basic car stuff but in this case we decided to take it to a mechanic for piece of mind. After having the car for a day he has handed it back saying I cant fix it take it to an auto electronics place and find out why its not throwing errors. Apparently he has pulled the wires off three sensors but the car reported no errors with these disconnected which is a worry.

Any ideas as the car yard we got it from has been bad mouthed to us from many people and i fear they have done something to disable the error codes and as such hide any faults from potential buyers. Im not sure if this is a viable possibility but from what i hear i would not put it past them.

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