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Tips and Tricks

I'm putting this sticky together for those who have just bought or are long-time owners of an MD Elantra. I decided to put this together because I find the owner's manual very vague and too packed with warnings so just keep in mind that your Elantra may not have all the features listed here.

An asterisk (*) indicates 'If equipped', meaning the feature is not standard or available on all models.

Steering Wheel Audio Controls*

Powering On and Off
> If the stereo is off, press 'MODE' to turn it on.
> If the stereo is on, you can press and hold 'MODE' to turn it off.

> To seek up or down instead of moving through the presets, press and hold the up or down button on the wheel until a beep is heard. The radio will start seeking or scanning in that direction.
> Release the button to stop seek/scan.
> Tap either button to return to your presets.

Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror*

> If the green light is on, the mirror will dim automatically in response to following headlights in dark conditions. To disable this, press the power button and the green light will turn off. Keep in mind the mirror will default to automatic mode the next time the ignition is cycled.
> To turn off the compass display in the mirror, press the compass icon button (on the far right on the mirror). Press it again to turn the compass back on.

Adjusting the Compass Zone & Calibrating the Compass - The compass defaults to zone 8 but on the off chance you don't live there, you might notice your compass isn't spot on. Click here for a compass zone map and follow the instructions below to set the zone to your place of residence.

> Press and hold the compass button for no less than three but no more than six seconds. The display will switch from your present heading to the zone that the compass is set to. Chances are it will zone 8.
> Tap the compass button until you come to the number where your location falls on the map. For example, my town of Portland, Oregon is in zone 4.
> When you reach your zone, release the button and the compass will revert to its heading within 5 seconds.

My compass was slightly off after I set the zone so you might need to calibrate yours. Here's how to do that. I suggest doing this in a wide open space like a parking lot or cul-de-sac where you can make several complete circles with the car without hitting anything. Be aware that you will be given funny looks doing this. :p

> With the heading displayed, press and hold the compass button. The zone number will come up but continue to hold it until a 'C' appears in the display.
> Start driving in a circle at no more than 5 mph (8 kph) until the heading reappears in the display.
> You may need to make up to three rotations although mine popped back up after less than one.

Note: After a long journey where the vehicle has passed through one or more zones, you will likely notice a loss of compass accuracy. This is normal. Calibrating it upon arrival at your final destination should solve any inaccuracies you may observe.

Programming Homelink for a Rolling Code Garage Door Opener - Homelink Mirror Only - The owners manual is very poorly worded in regards to this and because of its lack of useful instruction, I struggled to program my Homelink for well over half an hour. I'm putting this in here to save you from needless aggravation and wasted time. Please be aware that all garage door openers manufactured in 1996 or later are rolling code designs.

> Make sure the car is away from the door and that pets and children are clear of the area.
> Turn the ignition to 'ON' but don't start the engine.
> Take your existing pre-programmed clicker and hold it up to the mirror. Choose the button on the mirror that you wish to program (1, 2 or 3) and press and hold it while pressing and holding the existing clicker. The red light on the mirror will flash slowly.
> Continue to hold both buttons until the red light on the mirror flashes rapidly, then release both buttons.
> Locate the 'Train' or 'Learn' button on the opener motor itself and press it. You should have between 30 seconds and one minute to complete the process, depending on the make and model of garage door opener.
> Return to the car and press and hold the button you programmed to the clicker. Your garage door opener light should flash and/or make a clicking sound to indicate the programming was successful.
> Test the button on the mirror to confirm successful programming.
> If you continue to experience difficulties, consult the manual for your garage door opener.

Bluetooth Phone Contacts not Syncing to Car - Android

Some Android system phones will require authorization for the car's Bluetooth system to access contacts and recent calls, even after pairing. Should you experience this, follow these instructions and you should be good to go.

> After you pair the phone with the car, you'll see a message scroll across the top or pop up that says something to the effect of 'ELANTRA is attempting to access your contacts list'.
> Drag down the top menu bar and tap on the Bluetooth message (Motorola phones)
> It will ask you if you want to give the car permission to access the contacts and recent calls lists.
> Say yes and make sure the box is checked to 'Allow Every Time'.

Bluetooth Phone Contacts not Syncing to Car - iPhone

The iPhone usually applies these settings by default but should you want to change them or are having difficulty accessing contacts, check the following. These directions have been updated to reflect menu changes made in iOS 7.

> Select 'Settings' and choose the 'General' option.
> Select 'Bluetooth' and touch the blue ('i') in the 'ELANTRA' bubble.
> Make sure 'Sync Contacts' is set to 'ON' (switch will be green) and that 'Phone Favorites', 'Phone Recents' and 'All Contacts' are all enabled (a check mark will appear).

Power Glass Sunroof*
> The sunroof is one-touch for open and close so only a brief push in the desired direction is needed.
> You will have to hold the switch operate the tilt function.
> The sunroof is not part of the delayed power accessory so ensure it is completely closed before parking the car, especially if you park your car outside.

Note: The sunroof contains an anti-pinch function that will stop and reverse the closing sunroof if any obstruction is detected during the auto-close.

IMPORTANT! The sunshade can still be closed even if the glass is tilted up. Ensure the sunroof is completely closed before leaving the car or entering an automatic car wash.

Heated Exterior Mirrors* - This is a very handy feature if the mirror glass gets coated in frost, snow, ice or condensation. Do not use a scraper or credit card to clear the mirror glass as you'll risk scratching the surface.

Note: This feature is activated by the rear defroster switch.

Keep in mind it will take longer to clear the mirror of ice accumulations than it will light frost or condensation.


> To convert the clock to 24 hour time, press and hold the 'H' and 'M' buttons until the clock flashes '24:00', then release.
> To revert to 12 hour time, repeat the process until the clock flashes '12:00'.

Be aware that the clock counts in 24 hour time even when displaying 12 hour time (i.e. 8:32 in 12 hour time may be shown as 08:32 or 20:32) so keep in mind you may need to reset the hour after conversion from 12 to 24 hour time.

Changing Outside Temperature Display

> To convert the thermometer from one form of measurement to the other, press and hold the 'H' and 'M' buttons for three to four seconds, then release. The temperature display will flash three times to indicate success.

Automatic Climate Control - Limited w/Technology Package Only; Mid-2012 and newer

> To convert the display from Fahrenheit to Celsius (or vice versa), press and hold the 'MODE ˇ' and 'DUAL' buttons.
> To revert, repeat the process.

Delayed Accessory Power

> This will allow you to close any windows left open for up to 45 seconds after the ignition is switched off.

Note: The power delay will immediately cancel if a door is opened.

IMPORTANT! The sunroof is not included in the delayed accessory power so make sure it is completely closed before turning the ignition off.

Automatic Door Locks - This feature can be set by your dealer, usually at no cost.

Lock Settings - Car can be set to lock...
> When shifted out of park (factory default)
> At 20 kph (12.5 mph)
> At 25 kph (15.5 mph)
> At 30 kph (18.6 mph)
> At 35 kph (21.7 mph)
> At 40 kph (25 mph)
> Disabled

Unlock Settings - Car can be set to unlock...
> When shifted into park (factory default)
> When key is removed from ignition (button push to off on Tech models)
> Disabled

Note: The dealer's diagnostic computer shows the speed figures in KPH so you will have to tell your dealer what speed you want in KPH, even if you are in the USA.

One or Two-Stage Unlock - This can actually by programmed by you, the owner, in the comfort of your garage or driveway. No dealer visit is required. Two-stage unlocking is the factory default where the only the driver door unlocks on the first press and then a second press within 4 seconds is required to unlock the remaining doors. To disable (or re-enable) two-stage unlocking, follow these easy instructions.

> Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons together until the hazard flashers cycle four times, then release.
> Lock and then unlock car using the remote (or access button on Tech Package models) to confirm your settings.

IMPORTANT! Disabling two-stage unlocking prevents you from having the security option of only opening your driver's door, for example in a dark parking lot or a dangerous neighborhood. Unlocking all doors at once can allow strangers to enter your vehicle, possibly without your knowledge. Consider where you live and normally park before making the decision to disable two-stage unlocking.

Disable A/C for Defrost - Press the RECIRC button 5 times in succession and it will then flash to acknowledge that the HVAC Logic is disabled, that means you can set the HVAC any way you like and it will not alter settings itself, it will start them up as you left them the last time, very handy feature indeed (This tip came from duhast)

One-Touch Lane Change Feature - To enable the turn signal for three blinks without the need to hold, simply tap the turn signal stalk down in the desired direction and then release. The indicator in that direction will flash three times.


Specialty Warning & Indicator Lights

'PASS. AIRBAG OFF' - This amber 'OFF' light adjacent to the clock alerts you when the passenger airbag has been disabled. The car disables the airbag when the seat is unoccupied to reduce repair costs or if a lightweight passenger would not benefit from airbag deployment in the event of a collision. Note that the side and curtain airbags will still deploy in the event of a side-impact crash to protect rear-seat occupants, even if the front seat is empty.

'KEY OUT'* - This red light in the speedometer display will flash rapidly along with a five second continuous tone to alert you if the Proximity Key is removed from the vehicle with the ignition on. The tone will be sounded inside and outside of the car. (Limited models with Technology Package only)


Proximity Key System*

On Limited models with the Technology Package, the Proximity Key system replaces the traditional metal key and ignition lock on the steering column. As a result, accessing accessory and 'on' modes is slightly different.

To Start the Engine
> Enter the vehicle with the key fob somewhere about your person. You may leave it in your pocket or purse but the key must be inside the vehicle to start.
> With the transmission in park, depress the brake pedal and then push the 'ENGINE START/STOP' button. There is no need to hold the button until the engine turns over. A simple, quick push will engage the starter motor and the vehicle computer will determine exactly how long to run it to get the engine going.

To Stop the Engine
> Shift the vehicle to park and give the 'ENGINE START/STOP' button another quick push.

Note: The engine can be turned off in neutral although a continuous warning chime will sound to remind you to put the gear selector into park.

Activating Accessory (ACC) and On Modes - Accessory mode will enable you to listen to the radio for a short period of time but most other functions such as the power windows will not operate. 'ON' mode will power up the entire vehicle apart from the engine but will place a great strain on the battery. Do not sit with the ignition in 'ON' for extended periods of time or battery discharge may occur.

> With the ignition off and your foot off the brake pedal, push the 'ENGINE START/STOP' button once to engage accessory (ACC) mode. The indicator light on the button will light up blue.
> If already in accessory mode, another push of the 'ENGINE START/STOP' button with your foot off the brake pedal will advance to 'ON' mode and the indicator light on the button will turn amber.

You may start the engine from any of these modes by simply pushing the button again with the brake pedal depressed. Without the pedal depressed, repeated pushes of the button will cause the vehicle to cycle like so ACC>ON>OFF/LOCK.

Note: After approximately ten minutes in ACC or ON mode, the navigation screen will display a battery discharge warning, encouraging you to run the engine to avoid draining the battery. This message cannot be disabled or bypassed and will be repeated with increasing frequency until the message is heeded. Cycling the ignition to OFF and back on again will reset the ten minute timer.

Note 2: If the driver's door is opened while in accessory mode, the door chime will activate to remind you that the ignition is not in a secure state in which you may leave the vehicle.

Stopping the Engine in an Emergency Situation

IMPORTANT! - Before reading, please be aware that this should be considered a final attempt in order to control a runaway car or to stop the engine when all other methods have failed. If you resort to using this emergency shutdown sequence, you will lose your power brakes and risk the steering wheel theft lock engaging, completely removing your control over the direction of the vehicle's travel. Also, as the ignition will be off, the airbags and other safety features will NOT function in the event of a crash. Use this sequence with extreme caution and only in a situation where all other methods of stopping the vehicle safely have been exhausted.

To stop the engine while the vehicle is in gear and in motion, you may press and hold the 'ENGINE START/STOP' button for two or more seconds or several rapid pushes of the button will also disable the engine. Please read the warning above if you have not already done so.

Securing and Opening the vehicle with Proximity Key

Access buttons are located on each of the front door handles on Elantras that are so equipped. There is also a trunk release button on the underside of the trunk lid, just to the right of the rear view camera above the license plate area. As a security feature when locking or unlocking the vehicle from the outside, only the button on the side of the vehicle where the key is detected will be enabled so if the driver has the key in his or her pocket, the passenger's access button will not function and vice versa.

> To lock the vehicle after exiting, simply press the access button once. A single alert tone will sound and all four turn signals will flash once.
> If a door is left ajar, the turn signals will not flash and an alert tone will sound continuously for five seconds, or until the door is secured. Once the door is closed, you will be required to push the button again in order to lock the vehicle.
> If the trunk is open or not fully latched, the doors will lock but the turn signals will not flash and the alert tone will remain silent. Once the trunk is closed, the turn signals will flash once but the alert tone will not sound.

> To unlock the driver's door, depress the access button once. Both the turn signals and the alert tone will activate twice.
> To unlock the remaining doors, depress the access button again within three seconds. The turn signal and alert sequence will be repeated.

IMPORTANT! When using the passenger side access button, dual-stage unlocking is defeated and all four passenger doors will be unlocked, even if the button is pushed only once.

Note: To disable two-stage unlocking, see the 'Automatic Door Locks' section above.

> To open the trunk from the outside, simply push the access button on the under side of the trunk lid. This button will not operate if the key is not within range, even if the vehicle is unlocked.
> Using the trunk release button only operates the trunk lid. All other doors will remain in their current state (either locked or unlocked).

Key Lockout Protection
> If the Proximity Key is left inside the vehicle and an access button is depressed from the outside, the door locks will not function and the alert tone will sound continuously.
> If the Proximity Key is left inside the vehicle, the power lock button is depressed on the interior door panel and the door is then closed, the power locks will immediately unlock the doors.
> If the Proximity Key is left in the trunk and the lid is closed, an alert tone will sound and the lid will pop back open.


As I think and discover more of these helpful little features, I'll edit them here and you know of one I missed, don't hesitate to let me know. :thumbsup:

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Very cool! It's amazing all the little things that the Elantra is equipped with that we don't even realize. Like the other day when someone mentioned that the gas door locks when the car does...didn't even know that! :eek:

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2012 elantra limited with nav has compass on rear view mirror? i didnt know that, LOL.
Thanks for tips n tricks.
good ones.

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If the auto-dimming mirror was fitted, it will have a compass. Most car makers eliminate the compass from nav models but since the auto-dim mirror is a port-fitted accessory and not a factory installed option, they don't have the opportunity to discriminate.

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Good stuff, hopefully Holly can help me clean up the stickies soon. We can probably ditch a few of the current ones.
Atta-boy!!! Put her to work. She's probably tired of carpet cleaning, dog-sitting, job searching, and child rearing. Not that I can blame her one bit!

Holly: add this new skill-set to your resume! This is probably the one missing link that'll pull it all together for you!

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@Andrew - great descriptions! I wish I had this when setting up my homelink to the garage lol The homelink rear view might be one of the best features in the Elantra. I love the auto-dim & compass.

I also did not know that you could flip through the radio channels with the steering wheel, thought it was just for preset channels. Great to know!

Also, are all of the exterior mirrors heated? even on the GLS?

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@Andrew - great descriptions! I wish I had this when setting up my homelink to the garage lol The homelink rear view might be one of the best features in the Elantra. I love the auto-dim & compass.

I also did not know that you could flip through the radio channels with the steering wheel, thought it was just for preset channels. Great to know!

Also, are all of the exterior mirrors heated? even on the GLS?
The 2011 GLS does not come with heated mirrors standard. I believe it might of been an option or left only with the limited.

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I didn't want to create a new thread, I figured I should ask here so others could also see it.

I plan to pick up the Elantra GT on Tuesday. Now my question is, their website has a "iPod USB/Aux" cable. Now, I have an iPhone 4S. Can I use my current cable (just the USB, no AUX) to listen to music? or can I listen to music via Bluetooth and also control the Music app of it through the built-in controls on the steering wheel?
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