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When I bought my i30 I though the dealer mats were pricey and previous experience on another car of these fabric type mats had showed me how the heel digs a hole rather easily. Unless a manfr decides to reinforce then with Kevlar, this will always be so!

So I bought much cheaper but sturdy ones:
at £23 delivered. You have to correspond with the seller to specify exactly where the floor hooks on your model are placed as it varies according to specific i30 model and date of purchase.

At this price of £23 I would just replace, but the possibility of replacing just the driver's mat at a sort-of pro rata price would be brilliant (and more environmental)!

One other thing: Since they are more comfy for office wear, my main driving shoes have rounded heels. This will probably extend the life of the mats a bit.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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