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:( I'm having big troubles with my Hiunday Matrix 2002, 35000 Kms, Veh lights Check indicator in dash and stall after a while running, specially under heavy acceleratation. Unfortunally in my city the local dealer is unable to fix this prob, I have DTC P1181. and also Ive found ECM cuts the negative feed to the pump relay and is where the engine stalls. I think this might be a "common" prob on this model, could an expert technitian help, telling me what to do????.
Here is a brief history of what I've done: Replace intank fuel pump, checked fuel pressure at feeding line just over the tank 5.5 bar; car worked well for about one week, and fault shows again; verified intank output press again and now is 6.1bar, what makes me think pump is not the prob.
I need help answering the next: What is the normal operating fuel pressure for the intank pump? Where is the overflow valve located? how can be identified it? and how can I test it? .
I know this is a Post for an Expert technitian and I expect here I can found the solution, or at least some guidance on where to look for specific information on how the CRDi injetion system works.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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