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If you have a turbocharger that is smoking or coked on the inside or any other problems visit

I have been building turbos for a long time and can do any type except ball bearing turbos, currently there is no way to rebuild them the cartridges arent serviceable. I offer upgrades as well like 360 degree thrust bearing and 360 degree turbine oil seal which will prevent smoking for pretty much the life of the turbo.
I am a proud member of the hyundai community and own a 07 hyundai accent and a 98 turbo hyundai accent
If you checkprices for turbo rebuild mine is by far the lowest price and would love your support
If your gonna turbocharge your car buy a used one that doesnt look to have fin damage and send it to me for rebuild and be as good as new. I absolutely do not use cheap ebay rebuild kits. my rebuild kits come from, they are my supplier.
please order from my site if you are going to do so but feel free to email me with questions at [email protected]. I respond to all emails
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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