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With the risk of getting banned for spamming, I'm opening this separate thread to better explain the issues my car has and what I've tried to do. I'll try to make it easy to read.

1. Previous symptoms:
  • hard start & switch off the engine after a few revs
  • exhaust smell in the cabin (maybe not related)
  • low power/speed (snail like) after start & sometimes low power when accelerating
  • engine 'hiccups' (felt like very short brakes when accelerating) especially when starting the car - these seemed to disappear when the engine became hotter and the car faster
  • error codes P0299, P0069 & P0101 (using Torque)

2. What I've done:
  • fixed a leak in the exhaust pipe (right before flexi) and got rid of the smoke & visually checked for other exhaust leaks (didn't find others)
  • replaced to EGR valve (old one was clogged and stuck, new one works fine)
  • checked for vacuum leaks using a carb spray when engine idle (like this)
  • have the injectors cleaned and refurbished
  • replaced the air filter, engine oil/filter, coolant & used some sealer in both engine oil and coolant (just in case)
  • replaced the sensor in the pic below, under red stick (that according to Google&Ebay is the baro/map sensor, however I've checked Torque with it unplugged and the Boost display read 0psi)
  • replaced the MAF sensor

3. Symptoms now:
  • starting and driving fine, much better EXCEPT
  • no power when accelerating fast - the gear seems to change to 2 whenever I hard press the speed pedal and then speed drops immediately. If accelerating gradually the car can reach about 70mph (haven't tried more under the circumstances).
  • if cleaning the codes, the error code P0069 is the first one to log after start, and after driving a while P0101 appears too. And if I try to speed and the above happens, then a bunch of other errors occur (see below). This also triggers the engine warning light onboard.

4. Sensors readings now:
  • this is what Torque reads (cold engine) before ignition

  • and this is after the engine starts

Please help and share your knowledge. I work in shifts and since I need the car almost every day, I am trying to fix it myself so I don't have to leave it for weeks in a garage. For now, I am driving slow, afraid to damage the engine maybe.

The mechanic who cleaned the injectors is the closest to me, but they also didn't answer my questions about what is wrong with the car and whether or not they can fix it - They've limited their responsibility by stating only that the car has other issues - after they've handed the car and charged me £300, of course, completely ignoring the fact that I have brought them the car to fix, not to replace the injectors; oh, well. Unfortunately, other 4 garages in my area have raised their shoulders, with one of them quoting about £400 to (only) inspect the turbo, which they think is the issue - they also ignored the fact that replacing it might cost less. Others just tried to find other things to fix.
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