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My low fuel light comes on when I have just under 3 gallons remaining in the tank (as most vehicles). According to the manual and hyundai service center the tank holds approx 17.9 gallons. He said the 19 gallon tank was erroneous information on many auto review sites which carried over to many readers thinking this to be FACT. It seems that if you just put about ten more miles on-your low fuel level light would have come on( since you added just under 15 gallons). Tedrik
I have owned my 2008 santa fe for 18months.....low fuel light came on for the first time this weekend (dh was driving prior....i never let it get that low).....i immediately drove about a couple of miles to the gas station.....filled up just short of 16 if the light comes on at just below 3 gallons (i have not confirmed this info), then my santa fe can hold approximately just below 19 gallons.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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