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Lost fob and fob battery

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Two items here:
ONE: lost fob - we were at a shopping place for a few hour, on the way home we get a phone call. Someone found the key to her car in the parking lot (we took my car) and she had one of those plastic tabs with our account number from a store. The finder of the keys brought them to a nearby store at the shopping place, that store called this place and reported the lost keys and the account # on that tab. That store called us about the lost key (our cell phone was on file) and we were able to turn around and get them back.
FYI - these smart keys are worth $300+ and that may not include getting a replacement key cut. That's just the fob and programming.

So it's a good idea to have one of those small account number tabs on your keys so they can identify the owners by that company (Shop Rite, Rite Aid, fitness place). When we got home I added one to my key chain.

TWO: battery for fob - a week later my wife tried to push the door button and open her car door to her 2014 SFS. It would not open (either side) but the door open button on the FOB would work. I checked the battery after opening it and it was 2.75v. The new one is 3.3V. Also, on the 2014 SFS fob it opens different then many on the YouTube sites. Removing the key, on the opposite side are two tabs. Flathead screwdriver between those two and counter-clockwise and it pops open easy. Other videos show similar models opening by a screw driver in the key hole... no.. not good. Plus Rite Aid wanted $6 for one 2032 battery or $12 for 4. So I changed my battery for the 2014 SFS too and some spares.
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