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Any other solutions?

Hello, all. I'm reviving this old thread to find out if anyone else has experienced this problem and found a different solution. I've had this exact same steering problem intermittently for the past couple years.

I printed this forum post and took it to my local mechanic. The mechanic read it and said that sounds like it would be a reasonable fix for this problem. However, when he looked at my car, he found no sign of separation on the pulley and the belt was in good condition too. He ended up not replacing anything. He also said he followed all electrical components that are part of the steering system and didn't find anything that looked like it needed repair.

Before that, I left it at a Hyundai dealer for a week so they could drive it home and attempt to reproduce the problem. They had no luck doing so. They couldn't identify a problem either so their solution was to offer to replace the entire rack and pinion steering system.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'd love to get it fixed, but if I can't I'm going to have to dump the car to get something safer.
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