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First time experiencing this today and it freaked me out. I've got about 80K miles on my '06 Sonata and the weather conditions were on the very wet side.

At first I thought I heard a squealching sound which I just credited to either a radio or windshield wiper sound while cruising through some twisty coastal roads. The rain was coming down pretty good and a small amount of standing water of already on the road.

As I continued my drive I began to notice an occassional loss of power steering for a split second through some turns accompanied by that same belt squealching sound. At the same time the batterly light also came on for a split second which indicated to me possible engine failure for a split second. Even though it was for only a split second it really freaked me out to think I could end up crossing the center lane or over into the ditch. I then slowed my pace for the rest of the trip. When I stoped for gas I popped the hood and things appeared to be normal and with plenty of power steering fluid.

Anyone else ever experience this? Anyone have any tips or hints? It couldn't be because of the rain???? or could it?
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