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Hi troops,

May be of interest - had a mystery leak of coolant in the Terri, resulting in noxious fog comign from vents when heater on, leaving nasty greasy film on inside of windows.

My local, trusted, garage diagnosed it to be a leak in the heater matrix and as this is buried in the bowels of the dashboard meaning a two-day workshop job, new heater matrix and £550-600. a temporary measure, mechanic suggested trying K-Seal in the coolant mix (apparently has smaller particles/fibres in suspension than the likes of Radweld etc and so less likely to block the matrix completely).

Added it and....within five minutes all was sealed with the heater working again as it should.
Cost? £12.99
Me? VERY happy :thumbsup:

Will need to get it sorted properly in due course but it keeps me going for now...especially in all of this cold, wet Scottish weather!

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