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2 days ago I got myself 4 new tires. So after they were installed I took the car for a drive and noticed a vibration around 70mph. So today I took it back to rebalance the tires and when they took the wheels off and started spinning them they noticed that 3 of my wheels were bent. 2 are kinda bad and 1 is a little better but not 100%. Basically when it's spinning the inside part of the rim is moving up and down and it's pretty easy to see. The outside of the rims is straight with no visible damage so it's possible that it's better than it looks but they're definitely not straight.
So they installed the best rims on the front axle and checked the balance again. It made it feel better and the car has a slight vibration now, but here's the big question:

I'm seriously thinking about fixing it, so my choice is
1. To buy 4 new aftermarket rims. I could probably get something for around 600, same size because I already have new tires. Does it worth it? I've had some bad experience with cheap aftermarket rims. They were very heavy and after couple years chrome started peeling off. This time I'd probably get black rims to match the black car but I use the car around the year so I'm not sure if there are any aftermarket wheels that can survive several winters and crappy New England roads.

2. to get 2 refurbished OEM rims, throw them on the front axle and put the existing front wheels on the back. I have no experience with refurbished wheels and I'm not sure how good or bad they are. I found them online at around 150 a piece. So around 300 for this hoping that the new rims will be better then the old ones.

3. do nothing at all. Just keep driving it as is. The car has over 90kmi on it and who knows how much longer it will last. Although I'm really not planning to replace it in the near future. Hoping to get another 100k off it. But than the vibration is ***** annoying.

Please let me know what you think.

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No one has anything to say?

Are these steel wheels? If they are, they're 16s, then that means heat & beat. Any good* tire shop should be able to do this. They just heat up the rim & beat it back into shape with a ball/peen.

*If a heat & beat was not suggested, perhaps you should find a new tire place...
Personally, I think I would just look to buy a set of new wheels. If you are concerned with the weight look for some that are on the lighter side. If you stick with wheels with a painted finish rather than chrome or polished they should stand up better to year-round use. Forged aluminum wheels are lighter and stronger than cast aluminum but are usually more expensive. Try to stick with the better known quality wheel brands. There is no point in buying some junk wheels to save a few bucks and have them get bent quickly as well.
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