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I have been looking around for a performance brake upgrade for my '11 SE and haven't had any luck. The car is just so new there are not a lot of choices yet. I would like to swap the front rotors to some slotted and cross drilled/dimpled ones with some nice EBC ceramic pads. But there are not any aftermarket rotors avaiable yet for the 2011 models.

I did some checking and found the spec for the rotor is 11.8". From what I found, that size rotor has been used on Sonatas for several years. I was able to find a set of performance rotors for a 2009 Sonata whish is also listed as having 11.8" rotors.

Does anyone know if the '09 and '11 rotors are different. From what I found, they seem to be the same.
Unless you are taking the car to the track, you are better of with a GOOD blank and aggressive pads that match the heat range of your driving. Until you are doing repeated braking from triple digits you will not have to worry about slotting or drilling or dimpling.

I would take bolt pattern and rotor hat clearance. Being a new car, if its not your only car, I would pop the rotor off and take it with me to the parts shop.
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