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Well, like any car dealership, they started the "We've got a buyer for your exact car" schtick over the last few weeks.
I went in thinking, OK if the deal is right perhaps I'll get into a new Tucson, hopefully with the transmission deal sorted out.
While there, I took out the new Kona just to see what's what. The 2l model - so no turbo (none currently in stock).

Though it didn't have the zippy pull of the my Tucson 1.6, it still did OK, especially when in sport mode. Not buying a sports car here, it's a budget lease.
I was actually impressed! Impressed with the ride, the room, the fit (I'm 6'2). The features on the 2L Luxury model were decent.
Only things missing (that I miss) are a homelink mirror, no pano sunrooms, no auto lift gate and mediocre stereo.

Returning to the dealership I find out a few more things.
I can't get the same trim line in my Tucson, so either have to upgrade to the top end model, or sacrifice some niceties that I've come accustomed to.
Then, the other aspect is where will my payments end up and what are they going to do to "make this a deal".

Now I have no need for extra room, as this is a business lease vehicle for me. No kids, pets, heavy loads or the like.
The Kona is definitely smaller - smaller foot print & storage - which leaves more room in the garage.

End of the day, we made a deal. It reduces my payments by over $140/ mth (which is great for my business) and should be more efficient too.
I was wanting the Lagoon Blue, but could potentially end up waiting over 2 months due to supply and high demands.
So they "lightly requested" (really begged cause they want to do a deal) that I commit to the Lake Silver one coming in Wed.
I'm booked for pick up on Saturday afternoon.

Farewell to all of you here on the Tucson Forum. I'll be moving over to the Kona Forum next week to provide ongoing ride reports.
Already trying to figure out where to get replacement speakers, working on the vehicle company graphics and ordered a console tray.
Again, Hyundai doesn't supply one with this model and I'm NOT going through the design process again.
Still stuck with 2 trays after having them made and then people backing out who said they'd take one. Fool me once . . .:wink:
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