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We (me and neighbor who has a/c equipment) replaced the expansion valve. Purchased from O'Reilly's. The o-rings that came with the expansion valve appeared thin. So, my neighbor chose a thicker size from his box assortment of the green a/c o-rings. Everything worked great for a few days, until it didn't. Put gauges on and no pressure - refrigerant leaked out. We pressurized the system slightly and did note a leak from the expansion valve. Replaced o-rings with yet another slightly thicker version. Worked for about 2 days and now not working again. I haven't put gauges on, but I assume refrigerant leaked out again.

When you are placing the expansion valve to the block on the firewall or the two connecting hoses, shouldn't you feel the o-rings fit snugly? Something doesn't quite feel right when attaching the hoses to the expansion valve.

Any ideas on what to look or "feel" for?

2011 Sonata Limited 2.4L
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