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Hello all!

So I've had my 2015 sonata limited with the ultimate package for about a month now and this has been driving me crazy. I've been searching all over with google, read the manual more than once and can't find an answer.

My sonata has the 4.2 LCD screen by the speedometer. On that screen there is an icon (car between two dotted lanes) that the LDWS is on when you turn it on, gone when you turn it off of course.

Not to confuse this with the LDWS warning "light" (which it does not have) similar to the check oil or low fuel (that are NOT on the LCD screen) as indicated on page 3-104 of the manual.

The manual seems to indicate that this LCD icon should be white when its turned on (page 5-70 of the manual) and doesn't talk about any other color. However, the LDWS icon is sometimes yellow, but it still seems fine when I test it on a lane line. After a while it goes to white, sometimes even goes back and forth between the colors. There is a separate area to say if it sees the left/right markers so I have no idea what yellow is supposed to mean.

I even found this on the LDWS pic for another Hyundai model ( w w w. so it must not be broken?
It just bugs me not knowing what this means.
Does anyone know what the yellow LDWS icon on the LCD screen means??

(I'm too new to link a pic but I did put them in my pic album on this forum, if thats viewable to all)
This is the 2nd time that this has appeared on my Sonata 2015.
The first time, my car (on its own) accelerated and drove me into a pole!
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