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380whp(450bHP) sonata tuned by LAP3

Some background first. The setup can be found in lap3usa's webpage or on their facebook.
I had Lap3’s external wastegate mod(ewg mod) for the sonata yf/optima k5 for almost a year now, since early July 2017 and enjoyed every second of it. I was able to create(with a stuffed turbo), Lap3 meth tune, external wastegate recirc option and full bolt ons 380+whp/360whp+wtq making me the most powerful lap3 wastegate mod user and second fastest sonata in the US.(However, being a record I’m sure it will be broken in the future)
First, before I was running this setup I had their 1.5+stage tune with a borla exhaust. This exhaust produces an abundant amount of drone at 2500k+ rpm. However with the ewg mod drone was completely killed, giving the car a unique deep tone.
There is a recirc option(with noise level depending on exhaust system which I had) and the vent to atmosphere option(VTA) which directs the exhaust gas from the external waste gate towards atmosphere bypassing the exhaust system. Under boost this set up is much louder but brings along 10-20whp more.
Furthermore, there is no electronic actuator which voltage needs to be adjusted as it is removed. This brings better boost response with no worry of overboost and a smooth powercurve.
Without a doubt the difference between Lap 3s wastegate mod and stock/regular tune is a night and day and brought the fun back to driving the car. I’m glad I made the purchase, and was worth the cost. It was made by a reliable tuner who has proven reliability and results to the community.


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