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At the New York Auto Show earlier this year Hyundai debuted its new Equus flagship luxury sedan complete with several premium services, including an iPad Owners Manual. With the car now set to go on sale at select dealerships, Hyundai has given us a brief glimpse at this particular feature and how its so much more than just a dull owners manual on a fancy piece of Apple machinery.

Priced at $58,000 the Equus is a serious bargain as far as luxury saloons go. The only problem is, it's in stark contrast to much of the rest of the Hyundai lineup and so the company hopes to keep potential customers out of Accent-filled lots by bringing the car right to them. That's right, anyone interested in an Equus can have the car brought to their house or office for a test drive. And when it comes to service, Hyundai will pick up and drop off your Equus, leaving you a loaner – which they promise will be, at the low end, a Genesis Sedan. These features are all part of the "Your Time, Your Place," service program that Hyundai created in an effort to appeal to the fact that potential owners value their time.

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