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Korean vehicles are build in many countries and some of the vehicles may have 50% to 70% local content, which may give a varying level of reliability and owner satisfaction, examples may be batteries, tires, seats ,trim, electrics and local assemble or limited manufacture of drive train components.

The following comments relate only to Korean build vehicles.

As an Australian owner of a Korean build Elantra now six mounts old, I would like to know of any owner issues (if any) in relation to vehicles within the warranty period.

The first service will be done at 15000km by the dealer and may give me an insight as to how the dealership treats its customers before jumping to conclusions and using an independent repair shop.The vehicle purchase and the 1500km inspection did not give any cause for concern in relation to the dealership attitude at that time.

I phoned around for log book services from independent repair shops and the price difference was between $12 and $16 cheaper, however they informed me that some software updates may not be provided but did not give details.

If things do go pear shaped at the dealership at least there are options in my area and at that stage will make intensive inquires about any software updates.
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