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Here is a diagram of the Kona DCT transmission fluid "full level" out flow port. And what a pain in the rear it is to get at. The final way I was able to crack it lose was to use an 8 inch wobble extension, pull the drivers tire, and come in from the back of the upright sub-frame. You need a short 17mm socket. I was about to grind it shorter since my wobble 8 inch extension was not fitting in easily. I just tapped it in with a hammer and cracked it loose.

There are 2 different wobble extension designs, what I am describing is the end of the extension that goes into the socket. One where both sides are machined and the correct dimensions are in the center of the extension end, that's the one I have. The second kind that the end is the correct size and they machine the upper part. Google wobble extensions and you will see. The latter would be harder to pound into the offset socket. You can grind your own to save a trip or wait for shipping.

You fill the trans from a fill port with a black Allen key plug facing the front. You will need 3 Qts. It's speced for 2.11 Qts plus. I did crack open my third Qt.


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