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OK let get the KDM numbers Round 2. We would like to get as many Racers as possible, but would like to have as many KDM members as possible to support us.

Last time around we had a good time. Cars got good numbers. This will be round 2. We need you guys to come out and support us even if you are not racing. Let represent KDM.

Here are some videos of round 1.

Sonata VS Optima Run 1
Sonata Run 2
Optima Run 2
Sonata Vs Optima Run 3
Optima Ran 4 and you can see Sonata/Velostor Run 4

Don't have any runs of the Gen coupe but he had the best number with a 13.6

We will be meeting at Gate 3 at the track.

Sep 25th 5pm
Etown Info [faq)
230 Pension Rd
Englishtown, NJ 07726
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