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I purchased the K&N Typhoon Air Intake (69-5303TS) but just to put my mind at ease I want to purchase a filter wrap to prevent mainly water, but also dust, from entering.

On the K&N product page for the Intake they list the PreCharger filter wrap product no. 22-8036PK as compatible with the Intake. When I read the description of the 22-8036PK wrap it only says it will prevent dust particles. Not exactly what I was looking for. I did some further searching I came across a K&N filter wrap page that has a list of PreCharger product numbers, but also DryCharger filter wraps, which states that DryCharger filter wraps are designed to prevent water and dust from entering. Perfect.

The only problem, my Intake does not have a corresponding DryCharger wrap listed, only a corresponding PreCharger wrap.

I looked at the dimensions for the PreCharger wrap that is listed as compatible (22-8036PK) and they are listed as:

Product Style: Round Tapered
Base Diameter: 7.5 in
Top Diameter: 5 in
Height: 4 in

And so I matched these dimensions with DryCharger wrap model no. RF-1009DK which lists the same style and dimensions. It's just not specifically listed as compatible with the Intake.

Did I do my homework right? Will DryCharger wrap RF-1009DK be the right fitment for the Intake?

Links for reference:

69 Series Typhoon Air Intake (69-5303TS): K&N 69-5303TS - 69 Series Typhoon Kits, Air Intake / Cold Air Intake

PreCharger filter wrap (22-8036PK): K&N 22-8036PK - Filter Wraps, Air Filter Wrap

DryCharger filter wrap (RF-1009DK): K&N RF-1009DK - Filter Wraps, Air Filter Wrap
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