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JY Custom strongly believes in designing automotive products that not only look good but also provide maximum functionality, convenience and gratification to the end user.

We are very sensitive to consumers' needs and are constantly researching and surveying new trends in the automotive industry to stay in the lead with today's fast paced and ever-changing environment.

We success ourselves by continually striving on design enhancements and technology developments through our dedicated engineering and design team.

Currently, we take pride in being the #1 company in the automobile navigation face panel (bezel) and DMB antenna industry in Korea.

As we continue to invest in developing break-through designs we thank all our consumers, distributors and dealers for the continuous support and loyalty to our products.

JY Custom will strive to continually expand to become a global company to compensate for all the support from our affiliates.

JY Custom South Korea
Kyungkido, Kwangjoo_Si, Chowol_Eup, Jiwol_Lee, 75-23, South Korea
Amy (Manager)
Phone: +82-1566-3833
Fax: +82-31-798-1501
[email protected]

USA and Canada Distributor
Jeff (Sales)
Phone: 951-565-1789
[email protected]


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