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But you started [email protected] 60k with dealer maintenance before that? Damage was done by all that dealer maintenance.

I am starting with dealer oil changes in November.... Hopefully that will kill the engine before the 10yr point. :grin2:. Thin cheap bulk conventional with dry cellulose OE filters should kill it quick enough >:D
Dealer maintenance till 60k at 3,500 OCI - they were dumping in 5w20 all along, and I pretty much knew the engine was doomed. Took 2 years of DIY to clean out as much of the junk inside when the oil would turn black within 1k miles even with synthetic 3k oil changes.

In a way, am relieved the engine went out, and I hopefully have a replacement with stronger internals. Funny thing was I was planning to change the oil this weekend since I just crossed 3,000 miles. Oil level was at the F mark when the rod started knocking above 3k revs.

Hyundai authorized a replacement today, lets see how long the back order is. They put me in a gas guzzler Nissan Frontier
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