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Greetings from the Frozen North in the Upper Midwest!

I joined this forum because I have a car that needs to get fixed and I was wondering if I could get some insight about it.

I have an MT 2001 Hyundai Elantra, 140K miles, and it's a headache.

But it's my headache, lol.

Hope to talk to you guys more about the car!

2007 Honda CRV
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Yeah, own a 2001 AT Elantra GLS 132k on the clock.
Check to see if you have a recall for rusted sub frame and lower control arms.
Dealer should replace for free. Takes three days.

I have had all four corner shock/strut replaced
Left side outer tie rod end replaced
Done the recalls
Replaced all four tires and brakes (rotors, pads, drums and shoes)
One wheel cylinder. Both sides wheel bearings
Purge valve x 2. Intake manifold gasket.
Air filters
And oil and oil filters
Transmission drain and fill
Tranny work for too much jolting while shifting gears
Replaced battery
Ignition switch
Replaced radio
Headlight bulbs and stalk switch
Cabin air filter
Thermostat and water outlet housing
And all brakes when the master cylinder seized
All brakes mean calipers, rotors, pads, drums, shoes and master cylinder

One pain in the .... after another
Now it needs another timing belt and water pump
So much rust ... ready to junk it if another major problem comes up
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